Animal Inspired Design at Galerie Gaudium!

Galerie Gaudium exhibition Beauty in the BeastIn March 2017 Galerie Gaudium proudly presented “Beauty in the Beast”. Designers and artist that found their inspiration in animals, come together during this exhibition. Exclusive 20th century design, presented with the paintings by Adele Renault and photography by Nine Francois.

Nature has proved to be an endless source of inspiration. Iconic designers like Hans J. Wegner, Fabricius & Kastholm and Theo Ruth named some of their most famous designs after animals. Did you know the Papa Bear, or the Grasshopper Chair? We showed many of these unique pieces during our exhibition!

Also the photos by Nince Francois were shown in our Galerie. They came all the way from Texas, USA. For her Animalia series she photographed many animals in their purest form. It is about form, beauty, awe, sometimes daring and not-so-smart decision-making, and a little bit of goofiness here and there. She has traveled far and wide over te years. Many different animals have crossed her path. This experience was exhilarating, challenging and sometimes scary. She’s learned how to get close, work fast, hold her ground in some cases, and run like hell in others.

In addition to these photos we also presented two eye-catching paintings. The pigeons painted by Adele Renault are amazing eye-catchers. She is fascinated by the beauty of every day objects and subjects. Anything considered not worthy of a second look i just what draws her attention. Her subjects are pictured as photographed, yet are then isolated from their context, enlarged and flooded in sunlight. Therefore a scruffy pigeon emanates a quiet grace and irresistible force of life.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these pieces or artworks. Some of them are still in stock. Also, we would happily bring you in touch with the artists.

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