New exhibition: “The Colour of Spring!”

Galerie Gaudium proudly presents the new exhibition: “The Colour of Spring”. To celebrate spring, beautiful pieces of vintage design furniture and lighting will be on display along with the unique works of Dutch artists Harry Gijsberts and Guido Schneider.

About the exhibition

The striking “Loop Chair” by Sophie de Vocht, with its extremely coarse yarn is an appealing and colorful appearance with a unique seating comfort. An exhibition that celebrates spring can’t miss other iconic pieces like the “Tulip Chairs” by Eero Saarinen and the “Tulipan” chandelier by Austrian maker Kalmar. It’s the combination of colours and fitting themes that makes the selected pieces so fitting for the theme!

These and more special pieces are complimented by the beautiful works of Harry Gijsberts and Guido Schneider. Gijsberts’ colourful, coarse and relief-like paintings create a lovely contrast with the modern designed furniture. Schneider’s marble sculptures range from abstract to human torsos, all beautifully streamlined and shaped. The subtle, sophisticated touch of erotica is very fitting for the spring feeling!

About The artists

Harry Gijsberts is an artist from the heart of Amsterdam. The use of color, large brushstrokes and a variety of subjects distinguishes his work. You can now admire his relief-like works of art in our Gallery! Harry is a modest yet passionate artist who wants nothing more than to paint all day. Harry Gijsberts makes landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, animals and portraits. Usually in thick oil paint, alternately with brush, palette knife, branches or pieces of rubber.

Working with stone is Guido Schneider’s specialization. He makes beautiful, streamlined works of mainly human torsos, sometimes with a touch of eroticism. In his early years the sculptures represented animals, flowers, heads and some abstract works. He has now focused on human torsos. His work always touches reality. We are proud to display some of teir fantastic work at Galerie Gaudium!

Visit our gallery to experience spring through the eyes of iconic designers and exceptional artists and get inspired. The exhibition is open on Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00.

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