1950s Original Bellevue Chair by André Bloc

Produced in France

Product Code: LC2383

Dimensions: 45 × 40 × 83 cm (W x D x H)

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Condition: Good

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Price: € 9500

Very rare Bellevue chair by André Bloc, completely original, manufactured in France, circa 1950.

This stunning piece is very rare, since only a few pieces were produced. It is most likely named after Bloc’s Bellevue house in Meudon, France.

In good original condition with minor wear consistent with age and use, preserving a beautiful patina.

Furniture designs by architect André Bloc were greatly influenced by the works of sculptor Jean Arp. Arp’s flowing forms, which are often abstractions of the human body, served as Bloc’s inspiration for this design as well. Some of them feature a V-shaped metal construction which makes up the rear legs, while others are supported at the back by two separate metal legs. All models have a backrest and seat made of a single piece of material – an S-shaped curve. Attempts to create the front legs, seat and back of a chair using just one piece of bentwood had already met with success. The first was Isaac Cole in 1880, and then, at the turn of the century, August Thonet. To create a visual unity, Cole and Thonet glued the separate back support to the backrest to engender one single form. Rietveld’s “Zig-Zag” chair combined a wooden back, seat, and frame into a unit that was visually excellent, but a failure as a structure. Bloc, on the other hand, believed that function transformed into pure form would no longer possess any superfluous features. As he could not make all of his chair parts from one casting, he let the contrasts remain and instead minimized the difficulties involved in the construction. A desk designed by André Bloc at around the same time similarly involves a simple, sculptural construction.
(Vitra Design Museum).

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