Viva Brazil! at Galerie Gaudium

In August 2017 Galerie Gaudium proudly presented “Viva Brazil”. A selection of the most impressive pieces of midcentury Brazilian design, complimented by the beautiful photos by Dutch artist Marianne Karssing. A beautiful, successful exhibition that we proudly look back on!

Brazilian design has a very unique style. So it was an easy choice for our exhibition! On of the features that make this furniture so wonderful, is the use of unique types of wood. For example Jacaranda (Rio Rosewood). This beautiful material comes from the Brazilian rainforest. The pieces have a very own style that can not be compared to that from anywhere else in the world. Tropical Brazil brought their warmth to the heart of Amsterdam with furniture by, among others, Jorge Zalszupin and Percival Lafer.

The Brazilian design pieces were complimented by the beautiful photographs by Dutch artist Marianne Karssing. About ten years ago she moved from Amsterdam to Ghent (BE). There she started experimenting with photography. It became her passion and focus in life. She’s an autodidact, her photo skills were self-thought. Because of this, she created a unique raw style. Interior and architectural photography are her specialties. She approaches interiors as living spaces with character and soul and a story to tell.

For the photo series in our Galerie we picked a series that included a model. This is Quinnet Wouters, wearing clothing and ceramics accessoires by Belgian designer Harvey Bouterse. This series was Marianne’s first shoot! Therefore it meant the start of her carreer in photography. Harvey still designs for (among others) Perignem and Quinnet is now a frequently asked model.

While this exhibition came to an end, we are proud to show you the photos. Even though the exhibition is no longer on, we still have some of these pieces available. Feel free to contact us for more information!


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