New Exhibition! “Angelo Brotto: Italian Artist and Designer”

Galerie Gaudium proudly presents “Angelo Brotto, Italian designer and artist”. Let us take you in the world of Italian lighting and design, beautifuly presented together! We happily welcome you in our beautiful gallery, decorated with some eye-catching pieces collected by us from around Europe. They are complimented by other eye-catching pieces of Italian design!

Angelo Brotto (1914-2002) was an Italian designer and artist from Venice. He is mostly known for his work as a lamp designer and glassworker (often combined) as we are showing in our gallery in the heart of Amsterdam.

In 1941, after graduating the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, ithe Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned Brotto to paint frescoes in nearby country Montenegro. This was the start of an exceptional career in art and design! He won many awards, including awards including the very first Exhibition of Engravings in Rome. In the 1960s, a fruitful collaboration started: Brotto together with glass company Esperia, where many iconic art and lighting was designed with the use of Murano glass.  It’s these lights that we are focusing on in our exhibition. The gallery is transformed into an eye-catching, luxurious place of warmth and elegance!

We exhibit several of his pieces, among a collection of original Esperia designs, combined with top quality vintage Italian furniture. We are proud to take you into the world of Italian design and lighting, which has inspired artists and designers all around the world ever since.

The exhibition is open on Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 18:00, or sometimes on appointment. Our gallery is located at 2e Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 5b in Amsterdam. All the exhibited items are also for sale!




This wonderful table lamp, for example, is a wonderful piece designed by Brotto for Esperia around 1970. It has a beautiful style, made of high quality Murano glass in white with red patterns going through it. This creates an eye-catching style with a luxurious touch. When lit, the glass gently diffuses the light to emit a warm light. It has a round chrome plated metal foot. It is marked “Esperia” as proof of authenticity.



Or this eye-catching piece, from the “Sensazione” collection. A beautiful sculptural wall lamp designed by Angelo Brotto, also for Esperia in the 1970s. This impressive piece is made of high quality, partially brushed stainless steel, which creates a frame-like effect within the material. The designer’s signature is carved in the steel plate. It has a beautiful brass with glass artwork attached to the plate, with very nice use op depth. This artwork is made of high quality brass in a nice golden color. The light bulb is behind a glass circle shape with purple lines going through it, beautifully diffusing the light. It has exceptional brass details, which is very rare for a Brotto artwork. All together this makes the piece truly stand out!




The chair you can see from our window is this beautiful highback lounge model “Ardea”, designed by Carlo Mollino and manufactured by Zanotta in Italy around 1950. It is upholstered in fantastic dog tooth pattern fabric in black and white, which greatly contributes to the style of the piece. The black wooden base combines very nicely with the upholstery. The back of the base is lower than the front and have an elegant, curved shape. It has a low seat and high backrest, creating a wonderful seating experience. Together with the armrests this makes this appealing chair very fitting for comfortable lounging and a great addition to the living room. It’s an iconic piece of mid-century Italian design of which the designer clearly had an excellent eye for detail.



We hope to see you in our gallery soon! Please feel free to contact us about any of these items, the rest of our collection or more information!

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